Why do people hate Twilight so much?

原标题:Why do people hate Twilight so much?

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Why Do People Hate Twilight

Cristina Hartmann

Twilight doesn't just suffer from bad writing, it also suffers from bad romance.


Bella and Edward's relationship comes very close to abusive and has strange sexual underpinnings(n. 基础).

So, Edward Cullen wants Bella. I don't mean just in the sexual sense. I mean as in wanting to kill her and drink her blood. Somehow, I doubt that's a good foundation for a relationship.

Edward sneaks into Bella's room at night to watch her. (!) He deactivates(v. 阻挡) her car so Bella can't see her (male) friend. (!!) Finally, Edward manipulates Bella in sexual matters. (!!!)

Still...Bella adores him. She drools(v. 对某事物流露出痴迷的神情) over him, calling him her perfect Adonis(n. 阿多尼斯;美少年;美男子). Yack. Not to mention, Bella drives a Mack truck full of self-esteem issues.

Apparently, women like this. This disturbs many people--male and female alike.

Some hate Twilight because of the twisted, twisted relationship. Some hate Twilight because they think it sets back feminism by 100 years. Others hate this book because they want to think we don't fantasize(v. 幻想) about bad boys who treat us bad.

This book's success seems to be a slap in the face of the modern woman. We want to think of today's women as independent, emancipated and wiser in their relationship choices. Twilight says, "Nyah, nyah. Bad boys RULZ."


Well, I don't like it, but I don't hate it. We have loved terrible, stupid things ever since the birth of mankind. Twilight will fade away and a new outrage(n. 愤怒) will take its place. We are not better than this.

Lover‘s honeyed words.


Comments from the editor

I cannot totally agree with Cristina. Actually, vampires don’t exist in our real life, it’s just an imagination. So why can’t we imagine vampires as something fansinating? Twilight is just a novel which gives adolescence fancy imagination. Don’t be so serious.

Nick Manteris

Cristina Hartmann has just about everything right, but she left out one important factor:

Twilight subverts (颠覆) the mythology(神话)of vampires.

Vampires are undead creatures of the night. In fact, sunlight will kill them. They drink the blood of humans to survive. People are their food. They're evil and soulless. They are the bad guys. We should fear them because they either want to eat us or transform us into soulless, undead creatures like themselves.

In Twilight, vampires seem just like regular people ...except prettier. They walk around in the day, they go to school and they work in the community. They drive fancy cars and throw extravagant(奢侈浪费的)parties. They sparkle in the sunlight. They don't drink human blood and refer to themselves as "vegetarians." They play baseball. Baseball. They exercise self-control and make an effort to coexist(共存,和平相处)with humans. Some of them are a little creepy(令人紧张的,毛骨悚然的)and will watch you while you sleep, but they don't mean any harm, they just want to make sure you are safe. We shouldn't fear them because we're supposed to want to date them so that they can control us and keep us safe from whatever they believe is a potential threat.

The typical setting: one heroine with two heroes.


Comments from the editor

It’s an persuasive statement that gained over 300 likes. As for me, I stand by the opinion that the popularity of Twilight slaps on the modern feminism. However, thousands of factors compose love. Nothing is pure. Someone sees love as rosy cheek and tender kiss; someone sees love as a beast that cannot be looked through.

Vijay Varman

I personally would say there are two reasons for the Twilight hatred.

Firstly, is the fact that from a pure movie making point of view, the movies are not exactly at the top of the Oscar list.

There are serious issues with characterization, dialogue and the plot that cause the movies to be rather boring and/or unenjoyable.

However, regardless of this the movies continue to make a huge amount of money and that's the part that pisses people off(使人厌烦). If the movies were failing financially then no one would care, but because the movies are doing (very!) well that irritates people as they feel something that is terrible should not be financially rewarded.

This isn't an unusual feeling that people have towards any popular franchise(n. 特权;经销权). For example, the Transformers trilogy(n. 三部剧), the Call of Duty games and the Resident Evil movies are all major franchises that earn millions of dollars, but are heavily attacked due to their perceived lack of originality.

The second reason is mainly due to Gender differences.You may or may not have noticed that almost everything that is popular with females is vigorously criticized. Because of the male dominance of our society/media and the fact that the Internet is made up mostly of 15-40-year-old males; anything that girls/women like is considered as 'inferior'.

For example, Justin Bieber (musician), Mamma Mia (the movie), Sex and the City, Boy bands such as One Direction (band) and Fifty Shades of Grey are all attacked on the internet because they are popular with women. This has been happening for decades; hell even shoe shopping is derided(adj.被嘲笑的)and portrayed as a waste of time compared to male activities such as watching sports or video gaming.

So Twilight itself is not that much different to any other major franchise; its only downfall(n. 垮台) is that fact that it is very popular with women.

Only for making me want SSR so badly.


Comments from the editor

It’s true that Bella is kind of selfish,only thinking about love.And maybe it will give young girls a wrong concept of balancing family and love.But it does describe a wonderful relationship between Bella and Adward.So just regard reading the novel as a recreational activity,and don’t think too much about insignificant problems.

Priya Ananthasankar

Stephanie Meyer would have done well if she stopped Twilight series with the first book Twilight.

The reason why many do not approve of it, is that it seems to echo a certain notion to young girls:

1. That their life revolves around a guy

2. Not just any guy, a smart, handsome, rich, educated, intelligent guy who can always be around the girl at her beck and call(惟命是从). (Now which girl wouldn't like such a boyfriend?)

3. And to top that, he has a family who loves her to no end(无止境地)

4. And he is strangely a vampire thus making him sinister(邪恶的).

If you notice keenly(敏锐的), this is a recipe for success among adolescent people, especially girls who are mostly at a stage where they are curious about sex, who feel vulnerable for no reason sometimes (thanks to the hormones) and when they feel so vulnerable, they are always fantasizing(幻想)about the knight(骑士)in shining armour(盔甲)who always protects them. Meyer smartly took all these ingredients and added some spice(情趣)by making the boy a vampire.

Another reason why people hate it is because of the way protagonist(主演)Bella Swan is drawn up. She represents an always stumbling, tumbling, under confident, immature girl whose life revolves around exciting boyfriends like vampires and werewolves but yet she seems to be unkind and careless, almost selfish to the other real people around her who actually care and worry for her.As adults see it, thats the reality they face. Today it’s hard to find people who genuinely care for you and be your well wisher. And here comes this girl who is so ungrateful in every sense. Her life revolves only around this Cullen boy. She even agrees to marry him because he is old fashioned and she is desperate for a physical relationship. In today's age, this is seen as the dumbest thing to do. And she gets knocked up with some demon (恶魔) baby and her boyfriend falls for her kid —— almost going close to a certain forbidden philia(友爱). So Bella Swan is a modern woman's bane(祸害).

The third reason is, well just bloody annoying teenagers. We all love to say this inspite of us having crossed the same period in our lives, but yes all one can do is hope that they grow up and realize what a lousy(糟糕的)idea this whole book is.

There are articles (of course sarcastic挖苦讽刺的) on what has Bella Swan taught young girls —— which pretty much sums up this hate on Twilight.

But all said and done, Meyer made her money by cracking the secret code to success by drawing teen audience, almost establishing the fact that adolescence is a highly vulnerable and needy stage of life. For that, I certainly do appreciate her.



Comments form the editor

Quite true is the perspective that popular works are not always outstanding and Twilight is just one of them. Maybe we can divide the recreation products into two kinds: for joys of sense which belong to the brutish nature(n. 动物性); for further thinking which belongs to humanity. Since Twilight, after the discussion above, can be classified into the first category, we can see the hatred against it as a unavoidable result of our brutish nature.

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