Ⅰ. 单句语法填空

1.(2016·汉中市二模)Have__a__good time!

解析:考查冠词。have a good time玩得开心。

2.(2014·天津,8改编)Life is like __an__ ocean: Only __the__ strong-willed can reach the other shore.

解析:第一个空表示泛指,且ocean以元音音素开头,故用不定冠词an;形容词前用定冠词表示一类人,the strong-willed意为“意志坚强的人”。

3.(2014·重庆,6改编)I can't tell you __the__ way to the Wilson's because we don't have __a__ Wilson here in the village.


4.(2014·陕西,19改编)__The__ village where I was born has grown into __a__ town.


5.(2016·大庆市一模)Every time there was__an__outbreak,a great number of terrified people died.

解析:there was+可数名词单数,且“outbreak”以元音音素开头,故用an。

6.__The__ news of the mayor's coming to our school for a visit was given out on the radio yesterday.


7.In Germany, __a__ successful project, which roughly translates as “adopt a grandparent”, has been running with a great success.


8.—Mom, why can't I have __a__ new bike?

—Dear, you know, money doesn't grow on trees.


9.__The__ wish always remains unrealistic that you can come first in the final exam when you make no efforts at all.


10.Your son is in great danger and he needs __an__ immediate operation which costs 48,000 yuan.


11.I'd like to buy __a__ computer. Could you please give me some advice?


12.Zinio is __a__ platform for digital magazines, with more than 5,500 magazines from a wide range of publishers.


13.What if your first choice is wrong? If so, just give yourself __a__ second chance.


14.—Would you mind giving me advice on how to improve my record?

—If you make __the__ most of your potential, there will be a rise in your achievement.

解析:句意为:——给我一些建议使我提高记录好吗?——如果你充分利用自己的潜能,你的成绩就会提高。make the most of是固定短语,意为“充分利用”,故填定冠词the。

15.With the development of society, our country is badly in need of those with __a__ better command of computer skills.

解析:句意为:随着社会的发展,我们国家非常需要那些可以进行电脑操作的人才。with a command of...为惯用搭配,意为“掌握……”,故填不定冠词a。

Ⅱ. 语法填空


When you take a walk in any of__1. the__cities in the west,you often see a lot of people walking with dogs.__2. It__is still true that the dog is the most useful and faithful animal in the world. But the reasons why people keep__3. a__dog have changed. In the old days, people used to train dogs to protect __4. themselves__against the attacks by other beasts. And later they came to realize that the dog was not only useful but willing to obey__5. its__master. For example, when people used dogs for__6. hunting__ (hunt), the dogs would not eat what they caught without permission. But now people in the city need not protect themselves against attacks of animals. Why do they keep dogs,then? Some people keep dogs__7. to_protect__(protect) themselves from robbery, but__8. the__most important reason is for companionship.For a child, a dog is his best friend when he has no friends to play__9. with__;for young couples, a dog is their child when they have no children. So__10. the__main reason why people keep dogs has changed from protection to friendship.










9.play with是固定搭配,意为“与……玩耍”。


Ⅲ. 单句改错

1.(2016·福建福州十三中高三期中)How are you? Today I've got a wonderful news to tell you.

答案与解析:去掉a 句意:你好!今天我有个好消息要告诉你。news是不可数名词,前面不能用不定冠词。

2.(2016·江西南昌高三联考)... they only eat what they like and never touch food they don't like even if they really need it for their health.

答案与解析:food前加the 句意:……他们只吃他们喜欢的东西,即使那些食物对他们的健康有益他们也不会吃不喜欢的那些食物。根据句子后面的定语从句they don't like可知,此处的food为特指,在food前面加the。

3.(2016·山东临沭一中高三第一次月考)In the car park there Gina nearly got knocked over as car drove out far too quickly from behind a lorry.

答案与解析:第二个car前加a 句意:在那儿的停车场,由于一辆小汽车很快地从货车后面冲出来,吉娜差一点被撞着。由于car是可数名词单数,前面需加冠词,且所提到的小车并非特定的某辆小车,用不定冠词a。

4.(2016·四川成都外国语学校高三月考)I told him I could not go to the college because I did not want to study anymore.

答案与解析:去掉the 句意:我告诉他我不会上大学,因为我不想再读书了。英语中,表示“上学”这一状态时,学校前面不用冠词。

5.(2016·浙江)Every time he arrived home at end of the day,we would greet him at the door.

答案与解析:end前加the at the end of...表示“在……的最后”。

6.(2015·新课标Ⅰ)Now I'm living in a city,but I miss my home in countryside.

答案与解析:countryside前加the in the countryside意为“在农村”,是固定短语。

7.I think it good habit that in our spare time we read more books of great use.

答案与解析:good前加a habit意为“习惯”,是可数名词,此处为泛指,故用不定冠词a修饰。

8.Three years ago I failed an important exam in my life and became a student in a ordinary school.

答案与解析:第二个a→an ordinary是以元音音素开头的形容词,故其前应用不定冠词an。

9.Last Sunday I saw a worst storm in years. It came suddenly and went on for over three hours.

答案与解析:a→the 根据in years可知,此处表示“最严重的暴风雨”,形容词最高级前应加定冠词the。

10.When children are ill, I try my best to take a good care of them.

答案与解析:去掉good前的a take good care of...为固定搭配,意为“精心照顾……”,care前不加冠词。



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