Ⅰ. 单句语法填空

1.(2015·陕西,13改编)To warm himself,the sailor sat in front of the fire rubbing one bare foot against the__other__.

解析:此处表示“另一只赤着的脚”,指“两者中另外一只”,用the other。句意:为了暖和自己,那个海员坐在火堆前,赤着的一只脚在摩擦另外一只。

2.(2015·浙江,12改编)How would you like __it__ if you were watching your favorite TV program and someone came into the room and just shut it off without asking you?


3.(2015·福建,21改编)The research group produced two reports based on the survey,but __neither__ contained any useful suggestions.


4.(2014·新课标全国Ⅱ,改编)They reached the top successfully, but on __their/the__ way back conditions were very difficult.


5.(2016·石家庄一模)They are calmer and__their__(they)mood improves.


6.(2016·三门峡市考前适应性训练)She remembered how difficult__it__was to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father.

解析:it指代不定式 to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father。

7.(2014·课标全国Ⅰ改编)When parents bring home a pet, their child gladly bathes __it__ and brushes its fur.

解析:句意为:当父母把一个宠物带回家时,他们的孩子高兴地给它洗澡并刷毛。根据句意可知,it指代上文中的a pet。

8.(2016·威海模拟)Some people take great pleasure in helping and giving to someone else while__others__feel happy doing the opposite.


9.It's an either-or situation—we can buy a new car this year or we can go on holiday but we can't do__both__.


10.I've lived in New York and Chicago, but don't like __either__ of them very much.


11.Recycling is one way to protect the environment; reusing is __another__.


12.To her joy, Della earned first the trust of her students and then __that__of her colleagues.

解析:根据“先赢得了学生的信任,然后赢得了同事的信任”可知,此处用于替代不可数名词trust,并且特指,应用that;如果替代可数名词复数并特指用those或the ones。

13.At our factory there are a few machines similar to__those__described in this magazine.


14.Cultural shock is a feeling which most travelers experience in a foreign country where they find the culture is quite different from that of __their__ own.

解析:句意为:文化冲击是一种大多数旅游者在外国会经历的感受,他们会发现当地文化与自己的文化大不相同。根据句意可知此处指旅行者自己的文化。of one's own为固定搭配,故填their。

15.I had to raise my voice to make __myself__ heard in the noisy crowd.

解析:句意为:在嘈杂的人群里,我不得不提高声音使自己被听见。make myself heard意为“使我自己被听到”。

Ⅱ. 语法填空


An old man and his son were taking a donkey to the market. The man rode the donkey and the son walked behind __1. it__. A man saw them and asked the son why __2. he__ wasn't riding the donkey. Then the father let __3. him__ ride it. __4. Another__ man saw them and told __5. them__ that they should __6. both__ ride the donkey. So __7. they__ both got on it. A woman who saw them said, “Tell __8. me__, why are you both riding that poor animal? __9. It__ looks so weak and tired. __10. You__ are so cruel !” Then, the father and son got off the donkey and started carrying it across a bridge. When they were halfway across the bridge, the donkey struggled loose and fell into the river.

Ⅲ. 单句改错

1.(2016·新课标Ⅰ)My uncle says that he never dreams of becoming rich in a short period of time. Instead, he hopes that our business will grow steadily.

答案与解析:our→his 句意:……相反,他希望他的生意能够稳步增长。根据语境可知,此处与主语he对应,指他的生意,用his指代,保持人称一致。

2.(2016·新课标Ⅲ)At last, I will be on my own, but I still want to have my parents to turn to whenever need help.

答案与解析:need前加I 句意:……但我还是想无论什么时候我需要帮助,都有父母可以让我求助。此处是让步状语从句,句子缺少主语,由前面的语境可知主语用I。

3.(2016·四川)When he came back, I found a bunch of flowers in her hand.

答案与解析:her→his 句意:当他回来时,我发现他手里有一束花。根据句意可知应用his。

4.(2016·新课标Ⅲ)I thought I knew everything and could make decisions by yourself.However, my parents didn't seem to think so.

答案与解析:yourself→myself 句意:起初,我认为我知道一切,并且能够独自做决定。句子的主语是I,因此反身代词用myself。

5.(2014·浙江)Then everyone in the carriage began searching for the ticket, which was eventually found under a seat several rows from his owner.

答案与解析:his→its或the 承接上文,此处指票的主人。

6.If I chose to take the next bus, I would have to wait for other 30 minutes.

答案与解析:other→another “数词+时间段”应位于another的后面,如果数词位于前面,不定代词应用other/more。

7.I knew that they would be worried about myself because I was so far away.

答案与解析:myself→me be worried about的主语是they,宾语是第一人称代词,二者没有互指关系,所以作宾语的代词用宾格me。

8.In fact, the weather here is quite different from it in your city.

答案与解析:it→that 介词from的宾语应该是同名异物不可数名词the weather,而且由后面作定语的in your city可知是特指,故应用that替代。

9.They think it of special help in expressing them.

答案与解析:them→themselves express的宾语them与其逻辑主语they指的是同一批人,所以作宾语的应为反身代词。

10.That took years of work to reduce the industrial pollution and clean the water.

答案与解析:That→It 句子的真正主语是动词不定式短语to reduce the...,所以句首应是形式主语,故用it。



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