Entry Information of 2018 China DPC

原标题:Entry Information of 2018 China DPC

Entry Information of 2018 China International Drone Photography Contest

1. Schedule

Launching Ceremony (Nov. 12nd ,2018)

Assessment Stage (Feb. 17th -19th ,2019)

Award Ceremony (Feb. 22nd ,2019)

Outstanding works Exhibition (Feb. 22nd -25th ,2019)

2. Classification

1)Video Group

Please submit the video works according to the Sohu Video(https://tv.sohu.com)upload rules.

Short films are available for anaphase editing.

2)Picture Group

Please submit the picture in JPG format, within 5M.

The photograph can only be tailored, and be amended moderately on brightness, contrast, and saturation; compound, increase, montage and dramatically color change are not allowed.

3. Awards

1) Video Group

Best Documentary Aerial Photography Award(6000RMB) & Nominations(1000RMB)

Best Creativity Aerial Photography Award (6000RMB) & Nominations(1000RMB)

Best Scenic Concepts Aerial Photography Award(6000RMB) & Nominations(1000RMB)

2) Picture Group

Best Documentary Aerial Photography Award(5000RMB) & Nominations(1000RMB)

Best Creativity Aerial Photography Award & Nominations(1000RMB)

Best Nature Discovering Aerial Photography Award (5000RMB) & Nominations(1000RMB)

4. Attentions

1) Competitors should keep the relevant original documents in case of later inspection.

2) The competition is open to all Chinese and overseas drone photography enthusiasts, there is no limitation for drone types.

3) About Upload

A)Mainland contestants may upload your work directly through the home page(https://wrj.sohu.com)

B)Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas participants may submit your work through the official mailbox: uav@sohu-inc.com.

5. Details

1) Participants agree that all uploaded works will be displayed on the Internet, or published in newspapers, periodicals, and other related materials. After uploading the works, the competitor is deemed to have agreed that the organizer and the licensee have the rights to use the works for free. (The copyright is still owned by the author)

2) By entering the Contest, all entrants grant an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive license of the organizer to edit, reproduce, display, adapt, publish, translate, and create derivative works of the entries. Entrants grant a right to the organizer to file a lawsuit and get a full compensation for any infringement acts of third parties, and the organizer doesn’t have to pay any remuneration or undertake any obligation for that.

3) The competition will not accept the works that have violated the relevant laws and regulations of China, and also the works that have violated the drone management measures implemented at the local place.

4) Participants agree that the organizers shall announce the author's real name, shooting place, shooting equipment and other information during the event.

5) The participant agrees that the organizer have rights to cut and edit the video works when necessary.

6) Participants must ensure not to infringe the rights and interests of others, including but not limited to portrait right, reputation right, privacy right, copyright and trademark right. All the legal liabilities and losses arising from the above-mentioned infringement shall be borne by the authors.

7) If the participants cause losses to the organizer by infringing upon others’ lawful rights or violating the Chinses relevant laws and rules, organizer have the right to request the very person to undertake the damages

8) The organizer promises to use the participants’ personal information only in the relevant areas of the competition.

9) The participant agrees that the organizer has the final right to interpret the rules, and agrees to the final result of the competition. Any author who submits the work is deemed to agree to the rules in User Agreements of SOHU.COM.返回搜狐,查看更多


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