Upcoming: 5th China and Globalization Forum

原标题:Upcoming: 5th China and Globalization Forum

The 5th Annual China and Globalization Forum is to be held in Beijing on April 14,2019. Since 2014, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) has hosted the China and Globalization Forum annually in conjunction with its board meeting,bringing together the most prominent members of CCG Advisory Council and celebrated policy scholars and business leaders. Over the years, the convention has become a magnet for highly-regarded delegates from China’s government,expert, and business communities for dialogue and debate about the most pressing issues regarding the development of globalization and China’s role in it.

The upcoming forum also includes a report launch event titled Giving Back to the Future: Scholarships for Higher Education co-hosted by CCG and the Center for Asian Philanthropy and Society(CAPS) on the morning of April 13. A conference is set to hold for the discussion of the philanthropy’s role in studying abroad in the wake of the report delivery. In the afternoon of the same day, CCG will hold its 2019 Advisory Committee Annual Conference and CCG Standing Committee’s Dinner. The CCG Standing Committees will listen to CCG's annual report for what the think tank has done in the year 2018 and also suggest and steer the work for the year of 2019 which demonstrates a new chapter in CCG's development.


CAPSReportLaunch- GivingBacktotheFuture: ScholarshipsforHigherEducation



April 13th, 2019


2019 CCG Advisory Committee Annual Conference and CCG Standing Committee’s Dinner



April 13th,2019




CCG Advisory Committee Annual Conference

CCG Standing Committee's Dinner

Fifth Annual China and Globalization Forum


April 14, 2019




Organizers' Welcome

Session 1 (Main Session):

Reflections on Reform and Opening-up as the World Heads into Globalization 4.0

Coffee Break

Session 2 (Ambassadorial Roundtable):

Driving International Cooperation for the Belt and Road Initiative and Beyond in the Era of Globalization 4.0


Creating a Shared Future or More Fractured World?Potentials of Technology in China

Session 3 (China-US Think Tank Experts’ Roundtable):

Escaping ThucydidesTrap- China, the United States, and the Trade Conflict Beyond

Coffee Break

Session 4 (China Inbound Roundtable):

Foreign Investment Law and New Prospects of FDI in China

Session 5 (China Outbound Roundtable):

Chinese Outbound Investment inChanging Context

Session 6 (CCG Experts'Roundtable):

The Challenges of Global Governance and the Future of Multilateralism (Invitation-Only, Dinner Included)

List of Guests

(In alphabetical order by surnames)

Amitav Acharya, Distinguished Professor of International Relations of American University; Professor of International Relations atShwarzman Scholars, Tsinghua University (Confirmed)

H.E. Edward Boateng, Ambassador of Ghana to China(Confirmed)

Andrew Browne, Editorial Director, Bloomberg New Economy Forum (Confirmed)

Chen Chi,CEO and Co-Founder of Xiaozhu.com (Confirmed)

Chen Jian,Former Vice Minister of Commerce; CCG Advisor (Confirmed)

Chen Deming,Former Minister of Commerce; President of MOFCOM China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI); CCG Honorary Chair (Confirmed)

Ronnie Chan, Chairman of Hang Lung Properties; CCG Co-Chair (Confirmed)

Chen Wenling, Chief Economist of China Center for International Economic Exchange(CCIEE); CCG Expert Advisor (Confirmed)

Nick Coyle,CEO & Executive Director, AustCham Beijing (Confirmed)

Giuseppe Crocetti,Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration (IOM) (Confirmed)

Cui Fan,Professor at University of International Business and Economics (UIBE); CCG Nonresident Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

Cui Mingmo, President of China Association for International Economic Cooperation (CAFIEC) (Confirmed)

Wendy Cutler, Vice President of Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI); Former Deputy USTR and Former Chief Negotiator for TPP; CCG International Advisor (Confirmed)

H.E. Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri, Ambassador of U.A.E. to China(Confirmed)

H.E. Clare Fearnley, Ambassador of New Zealand to China

Allan Gabor, President of Merck China (Confirmed)

Gao Anming, Deputy Director-General of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration (Confirmed)

Dan Gao, Chairman and President of Positec Group; CCG Senior Vice Chair (Confirmed)

Gao Min, President of Hempel Group(Confirmed)

Fan Wenzhong, Chairman of Beijing Financial Holdings Group; Former Director-General for Foreign Affairs at China Banking Regulatory Commission

Fang Fang,Partner of Waterwood Investment Holdings; CCG Vice Chair (Confirmed)

Fu Chengyu, Former Chairman and Party Secretary of Sinopec Group, CCG Counselor(Confirmed)

Michael Kuan,Founder and CEO of Kuan Capital, CCG Vice Chair(Confirmed)

Linda He,Chairman and President of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group; CCG Vice Chair (Confirmed)

He Shenquan, Member of Editorial Board of Global Times (Confirmed)

HeWeiwen, Former Commercial Counsellor at Chinese Embassy in New York and San Francisco; CCG Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

He Yafei, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Former Deputy Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council; CCG Co-Chair (Confirmed)

Gordon Hein, Senior Vice President of Programs at The Asia Foundation (Confirmed)

Hu Jianhua, Former Deputy Inspector of Department of Talent, CPC Organization Department (Confirmed)

Huang Yanzhong, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations (Confirmed)

Huo Jianguo,Former President of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, CCG Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

Daniel Ikenson,Director of Herbert A.Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies, CATO Institute (Confirmed)

H.E. Jang Ha-sung, Ambassador of Republic of Korea to China

Jiang Shan, Former Director-General of Department of American and Oceanian Affairs of Ministry of Commerce; CCG Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

JiangXipei, Chairman of Far East Holding Group; CCG Vice Chair (Confirmed)

Jin Canrong, Professor and Associate Dean of School of International Studies, Renmin University of China; CCG Expert Advisor

Jin Xin, Director of China Center for Contemporary World Studies (Confirmed)

Masahiro Kawai, Representative Director and Director-General, Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (Confirmed)

H.E. Ed Kronenburg, Ambassador of the Netherlands to China

Hon. Lan Lijun, President of China Fund of International Studies (CFIS); Former Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, Canada and Sweden(Confirmed)

Li Baiqing,Executive Director-General of CGE Peace Development Foundation (Confirmed)

Li Dongsheng, Chairman of TCL Group

Howard Li, Chairman and CEO of Waitex Group; Co-Chair of Committee of 100 Greater China(Confirmed)

LiaoJianwen, Chief Strategy Officer of JD Group (Confirmed)

James Liang, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Ctrip; CCG Senior Vice Chair (Confirmed)

Anthony Leung, CEO of Nan Fung Group; Former Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SDR(Confirmed)

Liu Shijin,Deputy Director-General of Economic Councilunder the CPPCC; Vice President of Development Research Foundation under the State Council; CCG Advisor (Confirmed)

Liu Debin, Founding Dean of School of International and Public Affairs, Jilin University (Confirmed)

Liu Xin, Host of CGTN (Confirmed)

Lv Kejian, Former Director-General of Department of AsianAffairs of Ministry of Commerce; Former Minster of Chinese Embassy in Japan; CCG Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

Mi Wenjuan, Founder and CEO of VIPKID (Confirmed)

Miao Lu, Vice President and Secretary-General of CCG (Confirmed)

Hon. Terry Miller,Director of Center for International Trade and Economics, Heritage Foundation; Former US Ambassador to the United Nations (Confirmed)

MinHao, Founder and Chairman of Easthouse Electric; CCG Senior Council Member (Confirmed)

H.E. Eoin O'Leary, Ambassador of Ireland to China(Confirmed)

Jacob Parker, Vice President of China Operations at the U.S.-China Business Council(Confirmed)

MichaelPillsbury,Director of Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute (Confirmed)

Qin Hongtao, Founder and CEO of Beijing Hengchanglitong Investment Management (Confirmed)

H.E. Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, Ambassador of Cuba to China (Confirmed)

Johannes Regenbrecht,Minister/Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy Beijing (Confirmed)

RuanZongze, Vice President of China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) (Confirmed)

H.E. Nicholas Rosellini, UN Resident Coordinator in China (Confirmed)

Madhav Sharma, Head Greater China & Chief Representative, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) (Confirmed)

Shi Yinhong, Dean of School of International Studies,Renmin University of China; Counselor for the State Council

Song Zhiping,Chairman of China National Building Materials Group Corporation(Confirmed)

Tim Stratford, Chairman of AmCham China(Confirmed)

Hon. Su Ge,Chairman of China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Former Chinese Ambassador to Iceland, CCG Advisor (Confirmed)

Su Hao, Director of Center for Strategic and Peace, China Foreign Affairs University; CCG Nonresident Senior Fellow(Confirmed)

Sun Jie, Former Director of Department of Asset Management at China Security Regulatory Commission; President of Asset Management Association of China, CCG Senior Fellow(Confirmed)

Tang Min, Vice Director-General of YouChange Foundation;Counselor for the State Council, PRC; CCG Expert Advisor(Confirmed)

Tang Haoxuan, Chairman of Fueta Group (Confirmed)

Tang Xiuguo,President of SANY Group

Teng Jianqun, Director of the Department for American Studies and Center for Arms Control and International Security, China Instituteof International Studies (CIIS); CCG Nonresident Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

Gerald Thomson,Minister/Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy Beijing (Confirmed)

Tian Wei, Host of CGTN, CCG Nonresident Senior Fellow

Tu Xinquan, Professor and Dean of China Institute for WTO Studies, University of International Business and Economics (UIBE); CCG Nonresident Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

Justin Vaïsse,Director-General of Paris Peace Forum(Confirmed)

Wang Feng, Editor-in-Chief of FT Chinese.com (Confirmed)

Wang Shengdi,Founder and CEO of Daddy's Choice (Confirmed)

Wang Shi, Founder of China Vanke; CCG Senior Vice Chair(Confirmed)

Wang Yi, Founder and CEO of LAIX (Confirmed)

Wang Yong, Professor and Director of Center for International Political Economy at Peking University; CCG Nonresident Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

Wang Huiyao, President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG); Vice President of China Association for International Economic Cooperation (CAFIEC) (Confirmed)

Wang Yongqing, Vice President of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (Confirmed)

Wang Guangfa, Chairman of the Board, Beijing Fazheng Group; CCG Senior Vice Chair (Confirmed)

Wang Linda, Chairperson of Beijing Yihai Properties; CCG Vice Chair (Confirmed)

XueLan,Dean of Schwartzman Scholars at Tsinghua University; CCG Expert Advisor(Confirmed)

Yang Rui,Host of CGTN, CCG Nonresident Senior Fellow (Confirmed)

Yang Xiaoping, Preident of BP China

Michael Yeoh, President of the Kingsley Strategic Institute and Former CEO of Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute(Confirmed)

YuYunquan, Deputy Director-General of the Academy of Contemporary China and WorldStudies (Confirmed)

Yuan Peng, Director of China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) (Confirmed)

H.E. Wojciech Zajaczkowski,Ambassador of Poland to China(Confirmed)

Zha Daojiong, Professor at School of International Studies, Peking University; CCG Expert Advisor (Confirmed)

James Zhan, President of Tata China

Zhang Huarong, Chairman and President of Huajian Group; CCG Vice Chair (Confirmed)

Zheng Qunyi, Chairman of Herbal life China, CCG Senior Council Member

Zhao Baige,Vice Chair of the 12th NPC Foreign Affairs Committee (Confirmed)

Zheng Yongnian, Chair of CCG Expert Advisory Committee; Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore (Confirmed)

Zhou Hao, Founder and CEO of QuantGroup (Confirmed)


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