2019 I AM HERE 青年艺术家年展暨艺术设计周报名开启!

原标题:2019 I AM HERE 青年艺术家年展暨艺术设计周报名开启!


2019年AF国际艺术教育携手西安新艺术中心,联合推出“I AM HERE”青年艺术家年展暨艺术设计周。本届展览通过公开征集与专家提名的方式,通过他∕她们的情绪与表达,将不同的声音汇聚起来。艺术作品作为一种媒介,将展现出青年群体独有的思考,连接并引发每一位观众的反思与行动。

# 我存在,我发声 #,这正是青年艺术家所蕴涵的力量,也是I AM HERE的意义所在。

往届 I AM HERE 艺术展现场

In 2019, Xi'an New Art Center(NAC) joined forces with AF International Art Education to launch the I AM HERE Young Artists Annual Exhibition | ART & DESIGN WEEK.

Young people are deemed to be one of the most powerful groups to perceive the“Present”. They are branded with the most distinctive characteristics of the changing world they live in. The existence of young people differentiates one era from others. Their voices and perspectives are not fully developed, but they represent the age and mature the world. The world they see, they hear,they touch, and taste will be copied and deconstructed in the language of art.This is how the youth show their responsibility and dreams for this era. I AM HERE, I SPEAK FOR ART!

In that spirit, AF International Art Education partner with Xi'an New Art Center(NAC) to offer a space, a platform to the Future Master this summer. We are here to ask for your voice, to bring together different voices in the form of creative work. The selection process will be carried out in two ways: self nomination and expert nomination. Artworks, as a medium, show the unique way of thinking of the youth, connecting and inspiring others to reflect and move. This is the power of young artists, and the meaning of I AM HERE.



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