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原标题:外国人撞上“中国谦虚”:火辣辣的尴尬,至今还记得... | 老外看中国

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1、Tom McGregor

Yes, the Chinese are humble and it’s not an act. Hence, the biggest culture shock I had when first arriving in Beijing in 2010 was to discover that the Chinese remain determined to appear humble and do not appreciate braggarts.



I am American, born and raised in Texas, but spent some some time in Washington D.C. as a child while studying at college in New Hampshire. So when talking with my fellow Americans when I lived there, we spent at least 80 percent of our conversations bragging about ourselves or people we knew, while it was commonly understood that our stories might not be so accurate but that’s OK.


For a long time, I thought the whole world was like us: so fond of highlighting their wealth and relationships, but until last year, the idea changed: I went to Shanghai, China, where the Chinese were very friendly, but an ordinary smiling person might be a billionaire!


3、George Kate(回复Natasha)

To be honest, although your story reflects some facts, it is not absolute. You may be an elderly Chinese. Today's young Chinese are not much different from us. They are more self-publicity and self-expression. Of course, I can't guarantee whether they will become the same person as their parents when they are old enough.


Perhaps, this is the power of culture. The change of a Chinese friend witnessed all this. Once he was just as unrestrained and free as us. But when his father died, he put on his suit and gave up hip-hop. In his silent eyes, I saw only one friend who could not guess,Damn it. Just last week, he praised me!


4、Miami Hunter(回复George Kate)

You don't have to worry about it. Your friends have to make these changes in order to shoulder the burden of family.


Compared with men in Western society, the responsibilities and obligations of men in Chinese society are extensive and heavy, which makes them have to be more restrained and calm!


Consequently, arrogant people can cause disruptions, since people are expected to fulfill their promises. When a braggart claims he will introduce others to rich and powerful friends for everyone’s benefit, but fails to accomplish that because he was not speaking truth; then he will find himself and shunned by others.


Humility is effective by sparking action. A braggart lives in his own fantasy world, while lies and false promises don’t matter much to his ego.


Therefore, modesty is a sign of a person's maturity, and when he embodies in a national culture, it means that the nation's "collective maturity", of course, this is in line with the fact that Chinese civilization is the most mature civilization in the world, she has been for thousands of years!


5、Nora Chepel

Well stated. Infact, we in the west need to step back and learn from the Chinese, rather than us expecting them the adopt our attitudes. Living in harmony, we all need more of that


6、Corey Tournet

It really depends on the person you are dealing with. I know one factory owner who is very successful and humble, his employees love him for it. Also have some really good friends there who are down to earth. But there are also people who are definitely not humble, who try to impress others with their social status and wealth.


If you don’t know the language or culture, you might at first falsely assume it’s a much more humble culture…because it’s a high context culture where a lot of things aren’t said but everyone knows the meaning.


One piece of advice I’d give to foreigners in China, keep your eyes open and take time to learn the culture at a much deeper level before making these kinds of assumptions. There are a lot of people who go there for a 2 week vacation and come back with strong opinions thinking they know how things work there.



Yes, I strongly agree with you. I have lived in China for eight years, which has taught me many ways of expression and thinking with Chinese characteristics. Generally speaking, the "Eastern Implicit Beauty" embodied in the Chinese people lies in a conventional understanding.


For example, when I was working on my first day, my colleague politely asked me how to fix dinner. I honestly answered no, and then he invited me to his house for dinner, and then I really went


I didn't feel the slightest discomfort at that time. I just thought it was the warmth and friendship among my colleagues. Until one day I found out that the way my Chinese colleagues greeted each other was "Have you eaten"?


8、Luke Miers

I used to be the president of a French University in China. I met some very influential Chinese people. From their behavior, you can't see that many of them are millionaires. God, they may have more employees than my students, but they are not arrogant about it. They always sit at the table drinking tea, smiling and chatting about each other's family and life. My Chinese wife explained to me that in traditional Chinese culture, to show others their wealth and rights at will is Foolish



Yes, in retrospect of my boasting when I first came to China, I still feel my face is burning. Chinese people seem to be very good at making people "humble". When you start boasting, everyone will laugh and ignore you. Until you stop boasting sincerely enough, people will choose to communicate with you again. They seem to be born not to like boasters.












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