2018年近亿外国人入境,有人对“它们”迷恋到不愿离开 | 老外看中国

原标题:2018年近亿外国人入境,有人对“它们”迷恋到不愿离开 | 老外看中国

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1、Ice Age

I’ve been living in China for exactly two years and three months. Basically, I’ve lived here on and off since the start of 2012. By the standards of a twenty-three (almost twenty-four) year old, I’ve been here forever.


While a part of me is ready to move to a new country next year, another part knows just how easy it would be to stay here forever.


Yes, I've decided to stay in China forever, although I don't know if I can stay here smoothly.



Yes, as you said, I'm going to stay in Chengdu, China. It's great! I think the reason is because many of westerners think of China as a very strict country. I think they couldn’t be more wrong. China is a Country ruled by law, no doubt about that.


But in general, China let its citizens do whatever they want as long as it didn’t disrupt the “harmony”. I have been to China several times, hardly see any police on the street. What amazed me of course is the safety, I can walk around at 3 a.m without having to worry someone mug me.As for beach, China do have beaches, one of the best is in Hainan Island.



On my recent trip to Thailand and Cambodia, almost everyone I met had zero interest in visiting China. I felt the need to defend my Asia home. There are so many amazing things about China you just can’t find in SE Asia. There’s so much more to China than just,


China is really, really old. It has 5,000 years of ancient history to be exact. I currently live in Ningbo, a city you’ve probably never heard of. Ningbo contains the oldest library in all of China. It was also one of the port cities forced open after the Opium War. There’s a whole area of the city with cobblestone streets and Western architecture.


If you think the Opium War is old, the main section of the Great Wall was built in the 14th century by the Ming Dynasty. Think that’s old? The very first stones were set in 7th century BC.


Head to Xi’an for some real ancient history. The very first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang, united the warring kingdoms of China into one unified state. After his death, the Teracotta Warriors were created. This was in 210 BC.


Head out along the Silk Road to Dunhuang, Gansu province. Here you’ll find the Mogao Caves. In this cave complex, artists arrived over the centuries to create fantastic Buddhist carvings. By visiting the different caves, you can see how Buddhist art has changed over the years. Starting with the Indian Buddhist art that arrived with the first wave of Silk Road traders, all the way to the happy, fat Chinese Buddha you see today. The art spans a period of 1,000 years, starting in 300 BC.


4、Wales Castle

Chinese food has always been one of my favorite cuisines (and Mexican food). But when I arrived in China, I realized the Chinese food I had back in America is not anything close to real Chinese food. Sure, you can find kungpao chicken and sweet and sour pork, but those dishes just scrape the surface of Chinese cuisine.


5、Norway Aurora

Speaking of Chinese cuisine, I think I have enough voice. I have lived in Shenzhen, China for ten years!


While I do get sick of eating Chinese food every day, at least there is enough regional variation to keep me interested. I’ll eat stir fried noodles for lunch, and spicy malatang for dinner.


I can go to the cafeteria and get small dishes of fish, rice and a chicken leg bathed in soy sauce, or I can go to the soup dumpling restaurant. Wontons, chicken curry, noodle soup, vegetable stir fry, fried rice… the list goes on and on. I hope you’re hungry now.



I first came to China looking for a challenge. I wanted to go somewhere difficult, somewhere far from home with a completely different culture. I was looking to experience culture shock. I wanted to challenge myself. China is definitely the right place to experience all of these things and more.


Whether you’re being jostled on the Shanghai subway, or testing a fried scorpion in Beijing, China is never boring. Everything you do in China is always an adventure. Even mundane tasks like buying a new charger for your computer or taking an e-bike to the grocery store turn into awesome stories.


See entire families on motorbikes, vendors hawking bright red “Calvin Klane” boxers, and old ladies gnawing on chicken feet. Try to order a dish at a restaurant with nothing but your dictionary phone app. Life is a challenge, but at least it’s always interesting.

你可以看到一家子骑着摩托车,小贩叫卖着鲜红的“Calvin Klane”拳击短裤,还有老太太们在啃着鸡爪子。尝试在餐厅点菜,除了手机里的翻译词典,什么都别用。生活是一个挑战,但至少它总是很有趣。


While everyone knows of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, there are so many interesting places in China worth visiting! Take a bamboo raft down the stunning Li River in Guilin, ride horses on the Tibetan Plateau in Northern Sichuan, feast on fiery hot pot in Chongqing, hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan… the list goes on and on and on.


China is a massive country with so much to do and see. About the size of the USA, you’ll never run out of places to visit. many parts of China are stunningly beautiful. China actually has some of the most incredible mountains for hiking, particularly Zhangjiajie, which was featured in Avatar as the floating mountains.


You can also experience some very diverse culture in China. Head up to Harbin to see how Russian and Chinese culture intermix, or go down to Yunnan to experience Chinese minority culture firsthand.


The best part of travel in China: It’s easy and cheap! Not only are there budget flights, China also has an amazing train network. You can get just about anywhere in China with 24-hours and $70 USD.



China is the new land of opportunity. Investors are flocking here in droves. Fashion designers come to have their clothes made. Students come from all over the world to learn Mandarin. Musicians who can’t make it in America come to China to create a following. Want to be a DJ, dancer, model or designer? Want to start your own import/export company? China is the place to be.


Currently, I make $40 an hour teaching English to Chinese businessmen. What 23-year-old do you know making $40 an hour?? Teaching English abroad is an amazing way to fund your travels. Trust me, I’ve been doing it the last two years.



I’ve always wanted to go to China (ok, originally only because of Pandas but it’s still a legit reason) and people always ask why… China looks and sounds AMAZING. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to go…

我一直想去中国(好吧,最初只是因为熊猫,但它仍然是一个合理的理由),人们总是问我为什么想去... 中国看起来和听起来都很棒,我不明白为什么人们不想去...

10、Katie MacLeod

I just had Sichuan for dinner last night. It was amazing!!It’s funny how when you’re in China, sometimes you get sick of everything and you just want to travel or go home. But then once you leave China you really start to miss it again. Hopefully you can make it back here sometime soon!


显然,从网友“Katie MacLeod”的留言中,我们可以深切的感受到他对于中国的浓浓眷恋。







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