BBC News: 英首相脱欧协议连续遇挫

原标题:BBC News: 英首相脱欧协议连续遇挫

BBC News with Johnathan Izard.


In the past half hour, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk has confirmed that he’s received a formal request from the UK to delay Brexit beyond the end of this month. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was legally obliged by Parliament to ask for the postponement after losing a key vote on his withdrawal deal. But Mr. Johnson is also sending a second letter to the EU, telling European leaders that a further Brexit delay would be a mistake.


Kurdish fighters have accused the United States of failing to monitor a ceasefire it broke in northeast Syria, where the Kurds were being besieged by Turkish troops. A Kurdish commander warned that it could be ethnic cleansing in front of American eyes. Aid workers say a medical convoy has now managed to remove 30 injured people from a Syrian border town.


The Lebanese government says it has agreed a new budget that won’t include additional taxes as it seeks to appease protesters who have been gathering in the streets for days. President Michel Aoun has promised solution to the country’s economic crisis.


Soldiers and tanks have been deployed in several parts of the Chilean capital Santiago to help police who have been involved in new clashes with demonstrators. More than 40 metro stations were vandalized overnight and many buses were set on fire after the government announced the hike in the price of public transport tickets.


Officials in Burkina Faso say five soldiers were killed and 11 injured when military positions were attacked in the north of the country. It happened before dawn in an area close to the border with Mali where Islamist militants have been active.


For the sixth day in a row protests by supporters of Catalan independence are taking place in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The demonstrators are angry at the jailing of separatist leaders on Monday. The latest protests have so far been peaceful following violent clashes on Saturday night involving riot police. More than 80 people were arrested and about 200 injured. The government has dismissed a request for talks by the leader of Catalan administration.


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