华为发布算AI处理器,号称算力最强 厉害了!

原标题:华为发布算AI处理器,号称算力最强 厉害了!



华为8月23日发布AI处理器昇腾910及全场景AI计算框架MindSpore,这是华为AI处理器 Ascend910和


Three years after Li Shishi and Alpha Dog's man-machine war, artificial intelligence has become more and more popular, penetrating into all walks of life and causing new changes in the industry.


Following the launch of Hongmeng Operating System. On August 23, Huawei officially released commercial AI chip Ascend 910 (Rising 910) and a new generation of AI open source computing framework MindSpore. So what is an AI chip, where is the cow, and what can it do?


Artificial intelligence (AI) functions, such as face recognition, object recognition and intelligent translation, can be realized by only one smart phone. This relies on a substantial increase in the power of mobile phones.


You may not imagine that any ordinary smartphone today has tens of millions of times the power of even the most advanced computer in NASA's 1969 lunar landing program. Among them, the computing power of mobile phone chips is an important cornerstone. On August 23, Huawei released Sheng Teng 910, an AI chip, which is not only powerful in calculation, but also low in power consumption.


Nearly twice the performance of existing mainstream configurations


What is a chip? "Chips are like human brains. Intelligent machines without chips are like a pile of scrap copper and scrap iron. AI chips are the core of AI. The future giants will compete in the field of AI, that is, AI chips. Chen Jianfeng, a senior mobile Internet person, said.


AI chips can be divided into two categories: training and reasoning. Zhang Guobin, founder of Electronic Innovation Network and semiconductor technology expert, said that the so-called training is to "feed" big data to the machine and let it slowly learn to identify and distinguish objects; the so-called reasoning is to let the trained machine work. Xu Zhijun, chairman of Huawei's rotating board, said that Huawei had already used "Sheng Teng 910" for actual AI training tasks.23日当天华为还推出了全场景AI计算框架MindSpore,相当于AI世界的操作系统。“昇腾910”与之配合,比现有主流配置性能提升接近2倍。“昇腾910”是当前全球算力最强、训练速度最快的AI芯片,相当50个当前最新最强的CPU;其训练速度,也比当前最新最强的芯片提升了50%-100%。此外,它的功耗也低,达到规格算力所需功耗仅310W,明显低于设计规格的350W。

Huawei also launched MindSpore, the full-scene AI computing framework, on the 23rd, which is equivalent to the operating system of AI world. "Rising 910" with its coordination, compared with the existing mainstream configuration performance improvement nearly twice. "Shengteng 910" is the most powerful AI chip with the fastest training speed in the world, which is equivalent to 50 latest and strongest CPUs. Its training speed is also 50% - 100% higher than the latest and strongest chips. In addition, its power consumption is also low. The power consumption required to reach the specifications is only 310W, which is significantly lower than the 350W of the design specifications.


In the future, Huawei will continue to invest in more AI processors for different scenarios, including edge computing, automobile computing, training and so on.


"Da Vinci Plan" Helps Urban Safety


AI is now widely used. For example, when you want to use voice input to speak, AI will carefully analyze the current context and content, so as to achieve a high-accuracy recognition experience and improve the accuracy of converting voice into text.


Many people like traveling, so taking pictures is necessary if they want to record their journeys. The emergence of AI also brings a lot of benefits to users who like mobile phone photography. With the computer vision analysis of artificial intelligence, mobile phones can automatically analyze the objects in the picture, and select the best photographing mode at present. They can even track and focus objects and predict the user's photographing opportunity, providing an unprecedented photographing experience.


In addition, Huawei's AI technology has been applied in many scenarios. Huawei launched Shengteng 310AI chip last year, which is the same series of products as Shengteng 910. Huawei has cooperated with many domestic and foreign mainstream automobile companies in park buses, new energy vehicles, automatic driving and other scenarios; with dozens of partners in intelligent transportation, intelligent power and other industries landing industry solutions; based on Rising 310, Huawei cloud provides image analysis services, OCR services, video intelligent analysis clothing. Wait for cloud services.华为目前致力于将AI引入公司一切产品和服务中,包括电信基站和云数据中心、智能手机和监控摄像头等设备。而“达芬奇计划”就是这一系列想法的尝试。

Huawei is currently committed to introducing AI into all its products and services, including Telecom base stations and cloud data centers, smartphones and surveillance cameras. The Da Vinci Project is an attempt at these ideas.


One of the businesses revamped through the Da Vinci Project is Huawei's "Safe City" business. Huawei can now capture images and send them to remote data centers via AI-driven surveillance cameras to collect and analyze local government surveillance data and alert the police, such as automatic identification of traffic accidents, thefts and street fights.

分析 华为频频亮剑展示自身能力

Analysis of Huawei's Frequent Bright Sword Showing Its Ability


The view that AI becomes the first productive force is summarized by Huawei through its own practice. Since 2017, Huawei has defined its vision of building interconnection. Huawei believes that the changes brought about by AI will involve all sectors, including transportation, education, health care and finance. To this end, Huawei has formulated an AI development strategy.


Huawei predicts that by 2025, the number of intelligent terminals in the world will reach 40 billion, the popularity of intelligent assistants will reach 90%, and the utilization rate of enterprise data will reach 86%. It can be predicted that in the near future, AI will greatly improve productivity as a general technology, changing every organization and every industry. As an important technology foundation, AI chip plays an important role in it.


Xu Zhijun said: If the progress of arithmetic is the main driving factor for the development of AI, then the scarcity and high cost of arithmetic are becoming the core factors restricting the all-round development of AI. AI chip can solve this problem.


Secondly, Huawei has accumulated many years of experience in chip design. Huawei and the whole industry have been challenging the application of neural networks in chip field for many years.


AI chip is also Huawei's "self-survival" under unfair treatment. Following Haisi chip and Hongmeng system, Huawei launched AI chip. Recently, Huawei frequently "shines the sword" in important technical fields, showing a rational and positive side, showing a strong ability of self-reliance to the outside world.


Huawei is sending an important signal to the outside world that Huawei can develop itself without relying on American enterprises, and that the US crackdown on Huawei cannot cut off its development.返回搜狐,查看更多