Amazon is deepening its relationship withIndia’s second largest retail chain, Future Retail, as the e-commerce giant widensits footprint in one of its key overseas markets.

亚马逊(Amazon)正在深化与印度第二大零售连锁企业Future retail的关系,这家电子商务巨头正在扩大其在印度一个关键海外市场的足迹。

The two said on Monday that they haveentered into a long-term business agreement to expand the reach of FutureRetail’s stores through Amazon India marketplace. Future Retail operates morethan 1,500 stores across India, but until now, it has not aggressively exploredsales online.

双方周一表示,他们已经签署了一项长期商业协议,通过亚马逊印度市场(Amazon India marketplace)扩大未来零售商店的覆盖范围。Future Retail在印度运营着1500多家门店,但到目前为止,它还没有积极探索网上销售。

As part of the agreement, Amazon India willbecome the authorized online sales channel for Future Retail stores, includingdepartment and grocery store chain Big Bazaar and lifestyle food superstoreFoodhall, the two said. Additionally, India’s second largest retail chain,which attracts more than 350 million footfalls a year across its network, will list itsitems on Amazon’s two-hour delivery platform Prime Now, which is currentlyoperational in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

作为协议的一部分,亚马逊印度将成为未来零售商店的授权在线销售渠道,包括百货商店连锁Big Bazaar和生活方式食品超市Foodhall。此外,这家印度第二大零售连锁店每年吸引逾3.5亿人次的客流量,它将在亚马逊(Amazon)的两小时送达平台Prime Now上列出自己的商品。Prime Now目前在德里、孟买、班加罗尔和海得拉巴运营。

The two giants said that they have agreedto focus on grocery — a category that Amazon has been working on in India for awhile — general merchandize, fashion and apparel, and beauty products.


Future Retail will “augment its existingstore-infrastructure”at its retail outlets for facilitating seamless packaging and pickup ofproducts ordered online. The two have already launched this service across 22stores and the early results have been “encouraging,” they said.


Future Consumer, which is part of FutureRetail, has also formed a long-term partnership with Amazon to secure an onlinedistribution through the Amazon India marketplace.

Future Consumer是Future Retail的一部分,它还与亚马逊建立了长期合作关系,通过亚马逊印度市场获得在线分销。

Future Consumer offers a wide range offood, home care, personal care and beauty products, and has built a number ofin-house brands such as Tasty Treat for snacks, Voom for fabric care, Dreameryfor dairy, Karmiq for dry fruits, Mother Earth for organic staples, Kara forpersonal care and CleanMate for household cleaning.

未来的消费者提供了一个广泛的食品,家庭护理,个人护理和美容产品的市场,并建立了一系列内部品牌,如Tasty Treat的零食,Voom的织物护理, Dreamery乳制品,干水果Karmiq. Mother Earth的有机主食,Kara的个人护理,以及CleanMate的家庭清洁。

Kishore Biyani, chairman and managingdirector of Future Retail, said the partnership will “allow us to build uponeach other’s strengths in the physical and digital space so that customers benefit from thebest services, products, assortment and price.”

Future Retail董事长兼董事总经理基肖尔 比亚尼(Kishore Biyani)表示,合作伙伴关系将“让我们在实体和数字领域建立彼此的优势,让客户从最好的服务、产品、种类和价格中受益”。

The announcement today comes months afterAmazon bought stakes in Future Retail’s Future Coupons — which effectively gave it a 3.58%stake in the retail chain group’s India business — and days after India’slargest retail chain, Reliance Retail, began its e-commerce venture.

几个月前,亚马逊购买了Future Retail未来优惠券的股份,相当于持有这家零售连锁集团印度业务3.58%的股份。几天前,印度最大的零售连锁企业Reliance Retail开始了它的电子商务冒险。

“Future Retail’s national footprint of stores offering thousands ofproducts across fashion, appliances, home, kitchen and grocery will now beavailable to millions of customers shopping on, in hours across 25+cities,” said Amit Agarwal, SVP and Country Head of Amazon India, in astatement.

“未来零售将在全国范围内开设门店,提供时尚、家电、家居、厨房和杂货等领域的数千种产品,现在超过25个城市的数百万在亚马逊购物的顾客,在短短几个小时之内都可以买到这些产品。”亚马逊印度区高级副总裁兼区域负责人Amit Agarwal在一份声明中说。

According to research firm TechnopakAdvisors, retail in India is estimated to be a $188 billion business in the nextthree years, up from about $79 billion in 2018. Online sales still account forless than 5% of overall retail.

据研究公司Technopak Advisors估计,未来三年印度零售业的规模将达到1,880亿美元,高于2018年的约790亿美元。网上销售仍不到零售总额的5%。